Bio & Philosophy

Jessica is a lifestyle & meditation coach, a lululemon ambassador & has been recognized as one of the top yoga instructors on the East Coast.  She is passionate about transforming each individual’s life into one that is happy & healthy. She has the knowledge & experience to provide you with the right tools & guidance you need to live a purposeful passionate life.

Her Yoga Story:  Jessica loved running for fun and exercise, but eventually the pains and tightness of it, coupled with hours in front of a computer each day, sent her on a yoga journey.  Finding yoga, Jessica discovered something that could not only improve her health but also increase her focus & energy; she felt 10 years younger!  This passion awakened a purpose to become a certified yoga instructor & share this healing knowledge with others.  Jessica has a pre-med degree & an athletic background in track, cross-country & dance giving her extensive knowledge of anatomy & physiology.  With this background she understands the science behind yoga’s healing abilities.

“I believe that you evolve within your yoga practice just as you evolve through life.  Each new day, new class, new posture is an opportunity to learn & grow.  My training as a yoga teacher, my medical & athletic background & the many years of experience I have working with the chronically ill to the accomplished athlete give me the knowledge & the foundation on which I evolve my teachings.  It is my passion to share this healing knowledge with others.”

One of her goals is to make yoga accessible to all promoting a healthier, happier community!

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